Periodico: Steampunk - The Hunt for Caesarius Primer

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Periodico: Steampunk - The Hunt for Caesarius Primer
Jerome Aizpuro (lead artist), Andrew Boquiren, Ardie Aquino, Camille Cabezas, Ce Manalang, Christine Kimberly Cruz, Chuck Llanto, Julius Sempio, Lexter Victorio, Timothy James Dimacali,

Barrymore Petrochemicals’ newest facility in the Tripartite Region was bombed on its opening day, and the nature of the attack hinted at the most probable culprit: the Lord Barrymore’s former business rival Caesarius. Dismayed by the incompetence of the Reichstag’s gendarmerie, the war hero turned business magnate decided to hire two young investigators to hunt down the dangerous criminal mastermind. Meanwhile, at remote areas of the Tripartite, other events are slowly unfolding… Featuring steampunk-themed characters from Trial & Error: Art and Science Collective’s Element Gijinka Project, witness the beginning of a story full of adventure, intrigue and swashbuckling action –while, at the same time, discovering scientific concepts reminiscent of the inspired time period besides the very representations of the elements of the Periodic Table.