TABI PO: Bloodlust

Hello my dear readers! This is Mervin Malonzo. Happy Halloween! I know that the omnibus of TABI PO is expensive. I can't do anything about it. The cost to produce it is really high but I do not want to compromise the quality. I really want it to be hardbound and the inside pages in full color. I know most of you would like to have one but cannot afford it for now. It's alright, you should prioritize your basic needs. We are all struggling in this economy. So here's the whole book! You can read it now for free. After all, TABI PO started as a free webcomic. Now that it's translated to English, it should also be read for free. Share it to everyone you know! Share this to the world! Have Fun!

Note: I haven't fully proofread this yet. There might me some typo errors. Know that all these will be corrected in the print version. I still have a chance to correct it after the printer send me the print proof.

You can buy the physical book below!