Skysurfing Gang: Sable Squirrel Art Print

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Skysurfing Gang: Sable Squirrel
Camille Chua 

Skysurfing Era: A series of illustrations exploring the "real" history of the then-civilization of Pangaea, the once unified landmass divided by the chaotic feudal wars of the Skysurfing factions. This quirky project touches on the folly of the pursuit of power, uncompromising beliefs and a lot of badass skysurfing!


"They offered refuge to anyone caught up between the warring lands. Sable was their leader, and she has kept them safe - pulling meaning from the smoke, reading omens and premonitions to keep her people from destruction. "

C2s Matte 180 gsm poster paper
Signature and Frillion stamp (at the back of the poster) included
comes with plastic packaging